he● Central and Local B◆udgets for 2009○ The year 2009 was t〓he most diffic■ult year for our cou○ntry's econo●mic development sin◆ce the beginni●ng of the new centu■ry. Under the fir〓m leadership of○ the Communist Par●ty of China (CP○C), the pe●ople of all our e●thnic groups to●ok Deng Xiaopin◆g Theory and t■he important ○thought of Th〓ree Represents as t○heir guide, thor〓oughly appl◆ied the Scient○ific Outlook on Deve●lopment, comprehe◆nsively carried ou●t the centr●al leadershi●p's strategic ◆arrangements, consc■ientiously implemen〓ted the pertinent r○esolution of the Sec■ond Session of■ the Elevent〓h National Peop●le's Congress (N●PC), implemen●ted a proactive f〓iscal policy and a ■moderately easy mone●tary policy, com●prehensivel■y implemented〓 and consta◆ntly enriched and○ improved th●e package ◆plan and the ◆policies and mea●sures for ●responding to the○ impact of the glob●al financial ●crisis, an◆d achieved significa◆nt new results◆ in reform, op○ening up and so●cialist mode◆rnization. On thi●s foundation, the c◆entral and ◆loca

een 600 yua●n and 3,500■ yuan, and ●have been

  • allocat◆ed to 370 sal〓es outlets ac〓ross the city.■BEIJING, March 1○6 (Xinhua) -- Th
  • e fo■llowing is the 〓full text of ○the Report on the ○Implementation of t●he Central a■nd Local Budgets 〓for 2009 and o○n the Draft〓 Central and■ Local
  • Budgets f●or 2010, which was s●ubmitted fo●r review on March 5,● 2010 at the T●hird Session of th●e Eleventh National○ Pe
  • ople's Congre●ss and was adopt●ed on March 14: Fell◆ow Deputies, T〓he Ministry〓 of Finance has be〓en entrusted by the〓
  • State Council to● submit this report 〓on the impleme◆ntation of the cent●ral and local bud■gets for 2009 an◆

l budgets wer○e satisfactorily im●plemented and ne○w progress○ was made in the re●form and devel●opment of public fi■nance. National re◆venue was 6.84●7688 trillion〓 yuan, an in●crease of 714.653 ◆billion yuan or ■11.7% over 2008 (he●re and below). Th●is consiste●d of 3.589614 tr◆illion yuan collec■ted by the centr◆al government ◆and 3.258074 tri○llion yuan collecte〓d by local gove●rn

cal budgets for 201○0 f

ments. The ce〓ntral budget s〓tabilization fund c■ontributed 5■0.5 billion yuan.〓 National expendit●ures were 7.5●87364 trillio○n yuan, an increase◆ of 1.32809●8 trillion〓 yuan or 21.2%. The◆y consiste

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